Chankha’s Quest To Learn

Chanka's_Quest_To_Learn_EGR_Jan_17Chankha Devi is a student at Malika Primary School in Chaina, Mugu—one of the remotest districts of Nepal. When Chankha was in Grade 1 she was not interested in going to school and often ran to the fields, just to skip school. Her teachers and parents grew tired of trying to convince her to study. She preferred playing with mud in the fields rather than sitting quietly in class.

Then, the primary teacher of the school received training in how to teach early grade reading. She learned about the different techniques used to teach primary school students. The school also received learning materials and a book corners. Teachers have started to use those learning materials in their teaching.

Now, Chankha is very curious about the new materials used by her teacher. She is more engaged and now attends school; she loves to play with those materials, and, unknowingly at the same time, she is learning.

Chankha is now in Grade 3.  She regularly attends her class and now leads class activities as a class monitor. She can read fluently with full comprehension. She loves reading books and she participates actively in her class. All the teachers in the school like her due to her good performance.

“I love playing with friends and books in my school. I have already read five books from the book corner’s bag. I want to finish reading all of those books,” Chanka says.

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