After The Earthquake: Chimi and Gori’s Success


Homestay training provided Chimi a new life for his family and community

After the earthquake hit Sindhupalchowk district, Chimi lost his home and small tea shop, leaving him without a stable income to support his six family members. Desperate and out of options, Chimi was planning to move to the Gulf or India to work until World Education arrived.

World Education Nepal introduced Chimi to homestays, which is a type of tourism similar to a bed and breakfast where visitors can stay with a local family to learn about the local culture and lifestyle. Through a five-day training, Chimi learned how to establish and manage a homestay business with the support of World Education. Sixteen months later, Chimi now runs a successful enterprise offering an authentic accommodation experience to 15 tourists a week from countries stretching from Australia to Mexico. More importantly he can provide a new life for his family.



Gori lost everything but the Jagriti women’s group and cement training helped rebuild her life

Like Chimi, Gori Shrestha owned a business and supported her family with her profits. That changed after the earthquake. Her business and house destroyed, Gori and her family moved to an overcrowded temporary shelter. Through the help of World Education, Gori and women in similar situations at the shelter formed the Jagriti Women’s Group and started learning how to make cement blocks—a much needed building supply.

In those five training days, Gori learned skills that will last her a lifetime. Today she runs a cement block factory. Even the community has benefited because Gori employs local women to produce cement blocks, allowing these women new opportunities at life.

Without the support of World Education and its partners, Chimi’s and Gori’s stories would have much different endings.  

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