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World Education Nepal

A committed player in educational innovation and development in Nepal since 1976, World Education’s expertise and experience in the country span prevention of child labor and human trafficking, sustainable agriculture, livelihood development, micro-credit, health, non-formal education, and support to educational innovations in the formal education system from the school level to the national policy level. Across all sectors and programs, World Education anchors communities at the center of decision-making by equipping individuals and local partner organizations with the technical, management, and financial skills they need to develop, manage and evaluate community-driven programs.  All World Education programs in Nepal take a holistic approach to address the diverse and overlapping needs of children, youth, and marginalized communities.

Dedicated to the strengthening the capacity of local NGO and government partners, World Education works closely with the Ministry of Education and other government bodies and partners with more than 47 national and local level NGOs in 37 districts of Nepal.

World Education Nepal is a field office of World Education, a division of JSI.

World Education

World Education improves the quality of life through education for millions of children and adults in 20 countries. World Education’s programs promote individual and collective change: our training programs improve adult education, help displaced peoples, stem the tide of HIV, and reduce violence through conflict resolution. How do we do it? World Education is a leader in building the skills, knowledge, and resources of local groups so they can accomplish their missions effectively.

We use experiential and engaging teaching techniques to help people and organizations develop skills that build on learners’ contexts (cultural, linguistic, geographic, and economic), and include vital information about life and livelihoods—health, agriculture, small business development—that learners can put to immediate use.

Founded in 1951 to meet the needs of the educationally disadvantaged, World Education has worked in over 50 countries in Asia, Africa, South America, and North America. Working in concert with private, public, and nongovernmental organizations, World Education initiatives support effective local management and promote partnerships between local organizations.

For more information about World Education’s programs around the world, please visit www.worlded.org.