Sangai Sakaun Sangai Badhaun Opportunity School Program

Dates: 2011 – 2014

Funded by: Anonymous

Professionals in the education sector have long felt the need for programming in Nepal that not only ensures that the most disadvantaged children can access education, but that they can remain there to complete secondary school and achieve learning outcomes that enable them to secure productive livelihoods. The Sangai Sakaun Sangai Badhaun Opportunity school program assists children to attain an education and become economically and socially engaged. The program, focused in the Village District Committees (VDCs) of Baijapur (Banke District), Duruwa (Dang District), and Manpur (Dang District), seeks to secure not just educational access but also retention, high school completion and meaningful learning outcomes for marginalized children.

In cooperation with local partners, World Education is working to reduce non-enrolment, dropout, and repetition rates in these VDCs, as well as increase the number of students completing grade 10; increase the percentage of children who pass program Learning Milestones in grades 3, 5, 8, and 10; and achieve gender parity. To achieve these objectives, World Education and local NGOs work to mobilize the community, provide School Management Committee/Parent Teacher Association trainings, better quality and access to Early Childhood Development centers, conduct reading promotion campaigns, promote and support child clubs, as well as conduct basic health trainings and provide income generation projects and vocational education.

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